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F5 Box is not a traditional conference. It is a combination of knowledge sharing and inspiration where all participants are encouraged to ask questions and join the discussion.
Imagine a debate, inspiring talks and the opportunity to meet new people - all in one package. With F5 Box we say goodbye to boring slide decks and time consuming lectures.

F5 Box is free of charge for all members of F5 Networking.

Past event:

Our customers and end users - just like all other people - are unpredictable: they continuously change their behavior and preferences. They say one thing and do another. This event aims at reaching a deeper understanding of the user, because understanding our users' and customers' needs is crucial for whether your company becomes a success or not.

We have invited two of the most inspiring experts in the field; Bart Schutz, consumer psychologist and co-founder of Online Dialogue and Henk-Jan Journée, founder of Fibéo. Once again, Jerre Maas will take on the role as moderator. Thus, we guarantee an interactive event where each and every member of the audience has the opportunity to ask questions and share viewpoints.

Bart Schutz
“Most managing experts live in the ‘illusion of control’”. Bart shares his vision and experience on how only combining data with behavioral science, actually leads to true exponential growth in both earnings & learnings, ultimately bridge the gap between optimization and innovation, and questioning whether we should leave our customers behind as the only ones who still live in the ‘illusion of control’.
Henk-Jan Journée
When working as a website manager at MoneYou, Henk-Jan Journée found himself short of customer feedback during the optimisation processes. At the time, there was no easy way of obtaining this information. That is how the idea of feedback videos emerged - and so did Fibéo: A high-end tool for surveying the user experience on websites. Fibéo offers companies a solution by continuously gaining insights into how users react to and interact with online solutions.
Jerre Maas
Jerre Maas will be the moderator of the day. He will ensure both the quality of the debate as well as the output of the event. Jerre has a passion for IT and entrepreneurship and will challenge the speaker’s statements.
Jerry is a trained social psycholigist and during his studies at Tilburg University and NTNU (Trondheim, Norway), he developed a passion for speaking and presenting, which he is now pursuing.

The Warehouse, Wicked Grounds
Generaal Vetterstraat 51A
1059BT Amsterdam



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