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F5 Box is not a traditional conference. It is a combination of knowledge exchange and inspiration where all participants are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussions. Imagine a debate, inspiring conversations and the opportunity to meet new people - all in one package. With F5 Box we say goodbye to boring slide decks and time-consuming lectures. F5 Box is free for all members of F5 Networking.

Our next box event: 27 May 2019

Employee engagement -
Turn the pyramid upside down

Have you ever carried out an employee satisfaction survey to look for the magic formula of happiness? And did you recently add a ping pong table and a fridge full of sodas to the lounge area at work? If so, think again!

We are welcoming Arjen Banach and Mariette van Muijen who will dig deeper into the topic of the new "People teams" and how to be in the forefront of the place to work.

Arjen Banach
Arjen Banach is a keynote speaker and podcaster with years of experience in the world of organisational culture. He will take us on a journey where we explore the notion of “employee engagement”. What does it mean, and is happiness correlated with productivity? Arjen will look at the misconceptions, and what leaders can do to achieve “happy” employees in today’s society.
Mariette van Muijen
Mariette van Muijen is a creative expert and a big fan of “doing”. She will guide us in the jungle of different approaches moving towards a successful employee culture. This will include the importance of prototyping and testing as well as taking actions - rather than creating processes for actions! Mariette’s session will be interactive with plenty of tools and strategies to use in your own organisation.
Jerre Maas
Jerre Maas will be the moderator of the day. As a social psychologist and an entrepreneur, Jerre found his passion in combining the two and has developed campaigns for RTL, KLM and Spotify, among others. Jerre also has a passion for speaking and presenting. With his energy, enthusiasm and critical eye, he will ensure that the speakers will have a spectacular debate!

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