Future Leadership
Organisations today are facing a new reality. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to be a part of the consumer’s life because of the technological changes in the world. Customer loyalty is decreasing rapidly and the longevity and the lifespan of organizations are hugely affected.

This means that we are surrounded by uncertainty in nearly all aspects of doing business. As a consequence, it is necessary to adopt a new mindset that challenges the status quo. The modern leader must embrace a learning mentality and an attitude that suggests that they are likely to be wrong in their assumptions.

We need to allow ourselves to fail small and fail fast in order to learn what is right and where to shift our focus. This also means that leaders are no longer leading by ego, experience or rank, but instead leading by asking the critical questions and supporting and empowering their staff to learn and move forward at a much faster pace.

We believe that future leadership is about asking the right questions rather than having all the answers.
Network Director
Otto Freijser describes himself not as an entrepreneur but as having an entrepreneurial mindset. He is a lean innovation expert and business coach, currently spending most of his time as one of the co-founders and Lean Innovation Lead of Perpetulon Consulting.

Otto is a creative thinker and a hands-on guy with a long background in FMCG Marketing, Sales, and Retail. He was previously a Global Trade Marketing Manager at Fiskars and is frequently featured as a keynote speaker or host at conferences and summits. As a mentor at several Lean Startup Machine and Startup Experience events, Otto enjoys helping startups and entrepreneurs in intense educational experiences as they go through the different phases of testing and validating their ideas.


Niemand heeft alle relevante kennis. Daarom is samenwerking een belangrijk aspect van succes. Co-creation is de beste manier om op nieuwe ideeën te komen.

Concrete output

Het doel is, om je na iedere netwerkbijeenkomst naar huis te sturen met nieuwe concrete kennis die je kan toepassen binnen jouw organisatie en op die manier waarde creëren.


Elke groep wordt begeleidt door een Network Director die expertise heeft op het vakgebied en ervaring heeft met de uitdagingen van de groep. Op deze manier verzekeren wij een kwalitatief hoog niveau.

3 Box

Drie jaarlijkse live events waar actuele uitdagingen besproken worden, toonaangevende sprekers komen inspireren en al onze leden in een interactieve setting met elkaar kunnen sparren.

4 Bijeenkomsten

Het lidmaatschap geeft toegang tot 4 netwerkbijeenkomsten per seizoen. Wij zorgen voor de optimale setting zodat jullie als leden de beste kans hebben om geïnspireerd te raken.

Externe inspiratie

Actualiteit en output zijn sleutelwoorden bij F5 Networking. Om er zeker van te zijn dat dit in de realiteit ook zo is nodigen wij op elke bijeenkomst externe sprekers uit die expert zijn op het vakgebied.

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